what was the question?

The answer is olive oil! I was really excited to tell you that, so I skipped ahead of the question.

Once upon a good while ago, I posted a recipe for meyer lemon caramel, and that little feller made the rounds. Largely thanks to Marisa, it was linked to and re-posted and made its way here, where it was revealed last Friday that a replacement for butter in the caramel would be welcome. My first answer was coconut oil, because that makes a fine caramel, but it turns out that the person posing the question is not a coconutarian.  That set me to thinking. Over the weekend a lightbulb went off, and I made the caramel with olive oil.  Yes!  Yes!  So tasty.

So all I have for you today is something I had for you a while ago, just updated.  Meyer lemon caramel with olive oil.  I've updated the original with that substitution, and now I am going to go eat the rest of the jar.