the envelope please

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Despite the fact that the above internet humor establishes that I now clearly fit some kind of profile for bloggers, crafters and possibly also people with lots of cats (even though I don't have any), I was really happy to hear from the twelve of you who shared your cooking stories with me.  I would be happy indeed to eat any of the things you all mentioned, so I will be right over.

I first thought of rigging up a way for the little chickens to pick the winner, but in the end I did everything on the up and up, plugging the number of entries into a randomizer.

I once read that the first time scientific instruments were used to measure the altitude of the peak of Mt. Everest, the number came out very even.  Worried that no one would believe them, they tacked a .00231 or something onto the end of the number.  In the case of our little sweepstakes here, the algorithm designed, I am sure, by the nation's top mathematical brains selected...wait for it...1.

Really.  See?






To honor the spirit of the brave scientists who monkeyed with their data in order to make it seem more plausible, I ran the randomizer a second time, and that time it picked number 7, which indeed had a more believable ring to it.  In my heart I knew Emmy, who was commenter numero uno, had won fair and square, and that I could never live with myself if I pretended otherwise.  Ditto, as it turns out, re: my feelings for winner number two, Michele.  So treats are heading to both of you, as soon as you give me your physical coordinates; just send me an email at janetelsbach AT gmail DOT com.

As for feeding you today, I am just passing the buck.  Of all the foody posts I read over the weekend, this one hit me the squarest, right in the tender parts, and not only because she is making one of my favorite things to eat, and not just because I wish that I could do a handstand, but maybe perhaps because also, she is doing what I believe is referred to as "speaking her truth."