I know I promised you cake, and I have exactly the cake it was going to be in my mind's eye. I don't have it on a plate, though, because instead of blog posts and baking in our house, today we have the chicken pox. Well, only one of us does: my son, who is enjoying either his second bout of them or a big "Guess You Were Wrong About That!" moment with our former pediatrician.

So, together we can look forward to cake on Monday, among other improvements in everyone's general circumstances. Have a very not-itchy weekend, and if you were counting on me for a recipe, please enjoy the following dairy-rich breakfast items that I think look quite delicious, and if you try them out, let me know how you fare.

These simple and amazing-looking gluten-free African Pancakes

The same chef's equally international and tempting-looking Salvadoran Muffins

These little hand-held cheese pies

This nourishing polenta