my roving eye

We didn't go hungry here, last week.  But nor did we eat a lot of thoughtfully prepared, photogenic food while there was light enough to take its picture.  Well, it was thoughtfully prepared--in advance of a trip I did not end up taking.  Postponed at the last minute, after a whirlwind cookscapade.  Which of the five dinners I made would you like tonight, I asked my kiddos yesterday after school, and as a result my son asked tentatively, at dinnertime, "is this for tonight?" as he eyed the green salad in front of him.

Speaking of food ideas banked against future needs, here are a few morsels I am tempted to try, when the dust settles.

First off, the smashed potato, which in fact we did try, and it was delicious.  I boiled some not-very-large taters in salted water with a garlic clove until they were tender, cooled them down and flattened them between two cutting boards (quite satisfying).  I had just roasted some cauliflower so I had a nice oily, parchment lined baking sheet handy, and I plopped them on there, drizzed more oil over top of them, sprinkled on a little cumin and paprika and sea salt, and baked them at about 400 until they were golden.  Flipping was a fail for me, but you could try it if you feel brave and you have not, in your zeal, over-flattened (which makes them fragile--trust me).

I'd like to make this dukkah, though with almonds, because sadly I can't eat hazelnuts.  I think you couldn't go too far wrong putting it on the potatoes.

These grape tarts, with their custard and thyme, make me drool, and I'm fiddling with a gluten-free pastry crust that will behave enough to adapt to it.

I don't mind the look of these pumpkin doughnuts one bit, especially since they are already gluten free.

I'd like to eat this bibimbap, possibly more than I'd like to make it myself, but enough that I am willing to try.  Some day.