Well, I went and said all those mean things about recipes and then I used one last night that totally restored my faith in the medium.  We had tandoori chicken burgers from Dinner: A Love Story and I have no complaints at all, other than the fact that as I cooked them I realized I had forgotten to put the ginger that was called for into the burgers and it was too late to remedy that. I don't think I can blame that on the recipe.  As a bonus, they were plenty tasty regardless.

Yesterday I was hungry all day but couldn't tell what for.  When I stumbled across the recipe for the burgers I felt a little light bulb go on in my appetite, and I trundled out to buy what I needed. Throwing it together took very little time, as promised, and the payback was huge.

On top of said burgers, we glopped a yogurt sauce of my own device that should either send you scurrying to make some lemon pickle, or at least to find a good source to buy some lemon pickle (any Indian grocery, or often your local Gourmet Shoppe), or you could just come over here with an empty jar and raid my fridge.  It was just right on the burgers, but it's another staple sauce, I think: multi-purpose and made in a minute.

With the burgers, and some sliced avocado and tomato to accompany the sauce on top, we ate roasted squash, and a cucumber salad.  Wednesday is generally the first night of the week that we can all assemble and eat in a seated and somewhat normal fashion, so I am predisposed to like Wednesdays, but even allowing for that bias it was a very solid dinner.

super savory yogurt sauce

  • 1 c plain yogurt (if all you have is Greek yogurt, as I did, you may want to thin it a little with something, and what I used was buttermilk because I had it on hand, but I bet water would do the trick)
  • 1 heaping T lemon pickle, very finely chopped
  • 1-2 T fresh cilantro (or substitute fresh mint), chopped

Mixy mixy mixy.  That's it.  Maybe you want a little more pickle in it. Depending on the saltiness of your pickle and your personal devotion to sodium, maybe you want a pinch of salt.

My husband licked the bowl, and my son special ordered a new batch to go in his lunchbox for dipping purposes.